What Is the Difference Between Moulding and Trim?

When it comes to the design of interior spaces, the addition of trim, casing or moulding can dramatically enhance the utility and appeal of a room. While occasionally these terms are used interchangeably, there are some distinct differences between them. Generally, all refer to millwork or other material that fills the space left between the wood and drywall. Some, like trim, are more often used for practical purposes, while others, like moulding, are typically for adding decoration and enhancement to a space. All are essential components in making an interior space feel complete and put together.

At the Arizona Door Store, we are a local, family-owned company committed to providing expert service and personalized selection to customers across Arizona. For doors, moulding, hardware and other materials homeowners and contractors rely on, we are a business you can trust. If you are unsure whether your next project would benefit from moulding, trim or casing, read on to see how each are best used.


Trim generally refers to any and all of the material in a home that is used to surround openings and corners. Trim is designed to fill the gap that exists between the drywall and frame, like those found around a door, window or piece of flooring, and is great for smoothing harsh lines or in areas where two types of surfaces converge.

Trim is usually considered distinct from moulding because of its practical, utilitarian purposes. Where moulding is characterized by its enhanced profile, trim often blends into the flow and look of a room. It is often fashioned from many common materials, like bare wood, fiberboard or even polyurethane, and is generally easy to install and DIY friendly.

For projects with tighter budgets or timelines, trim is a compelling choice that is more economical and adaptable than moulding.


Like trim, moulding works to cover harsh lines and border windows and doors but is often chosen over trim for its decorative and ornamental properties. Crown moulding is a great example of this, as it instantly adds a refined and elegant appeal to a space. While in the past moulding was often the domain of a wealthy and ostentatious home, today the availability of a wide variety of materials makes ornate moulding options much more affordable.

Homeowners may find that rooms lacking in visual appeal or statement pieces would benefit from the grander aesthetic moulding lends to a space.   

Using Trim and Moulding

Both trim and moulding can be used throughout a home to provide utility and embellishment. Windows, baseboards and ceilings are all common surfaces that benefit from some degree of trim, and depending on the needs of the space, can be more functional or decorative.

Crown moulding is one of the most well-known examples of interior trim and helps to streamline the walls and ceilings in a home. While the degree of ornamentation varies, at its core crown moulding can add grandeur and enhance the visual appeal of walls and ceilings. It is also typically designed to draw the eye up, and many smaller spaces with shorter ceilings see immediate benefit from the installation of crown moulding.

Baseboards are another type of trim that helps the flow of a room and eases the transition from the floor to the wall. Like crown moulding, baseboards allow a lot of creativity for homeowners, and can be as simple or extravagant as desired.

Trim and moulding allow a lot of flexibility when it comes to the design and feel of interior spaces, and whether for practical purposes or ornamentation, can make or break the look of a room.

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