How to Choose the Best Interior Doors

If you are looking to upgrade the feel and utility of your interior spaces, something as simple as upgrading the doors throughout your home can be an easy and affordable way to breathe new life into a room. Beautifully designed interior doors can provide more than just a way to close off sections of your home – they can transform the function of a space and tie an aesthetic together. Door upgrades are often a small and inexpensive project that can reap huge rewards for homeowners. At the Arizona Door Store, we offer a wide range of interior doors in a variety of materials sure to fit any budget or style. If you have been toying with the idea of an interior refresh, here are some easy ways to ensure you choose the right interior doors for your home.

Consider the Style of Your Home

Your home’s architectural style is an important consideration when choosing interior doors, as a style that does not fit the aesthetic of your house as a whole can throw off the balance and flow of your spaces. Doors can make a dramatic statement in a room, and by choosing a style that complements and reinforces the underlying architectural touches, you can be sure your home looks put-together and streamlined.

In more traditionally designed homes, doors with ornate details and touches of understated luxury can play well with crown mouldings and other timeless staples already in the home. For modern homes, doors that reflect the sleek and minimalist aesthetic of your space are a good option. Look to incorporate clean, sharp lines that create dimension and help to provide visual interest to more austere, modern spaces.    

Evaluate the Needs of the Space

While a door may be a beautiful addition to the design of your home, it is also important that it reflects the needs and purpose of the space. A sturdy door that can keep out noise might work well in a home office, but may be less useful in a child’s room or in an area with a lot of comings and goings. As each space in your home has unique functions, a well-designed door that matches the needs of the space can make a huge difference in enhancing the room’s utility. Doors can also tie together mixed-use spaces, like a living room that doubles as an office or play area, and help break up large spaces or open up high traffic areas.

In smaller rooms where space is at a premium, pocket or sliding doors like our barn doors can be a great way to save room as they take up much less area than traditional swing doors. While barn doors are often designed to be used in more rustic-inspired spaces, we offer a number of styles catered to various aesthetics, ensuring you can have a stylish and functional door that takes up significantly less space.

Decide on Material

The material of your interior doors is an important consideration, and the vast variety in terms of wood, MDF and glass gives homeowners a lot of creativity when it comes to installation. Solid doors are a great option in spaces that benefit from noise reduction, offering a great degree of privacy while also having a luxurious and weighty feel. For spaces where noise is less of a concern, hollow doors are an affordable option that can be molded in a variety of beautiful styles. Glass doors can be a great way to bring in light to darker interiors, and doors with privacy glass allow light and warmth into the space while still keeping away prying eyes.

Think About Color

Color can be a great way to either ground doors in an established tone or add a pop of attention-grabbing flair. While white doors are a perennial staple for clean and timeless design aesthetics, don’t be afraid to try a bolder color that can add personality to the room. While a color that matches the rest of your home’s design scheme is an easy choice, a contrasting color can make a dramatic impact. As more modern stylistic touches continue to surge in popularity, doors in less traditional colors can be a great way to add a unique focal point to your home.

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