5 Types of Interior Doors to Refresh Your Home

When deciding on a new restoration project for their homes, many homeowners overlook the importance of interior doors. The doors that separate the rooms of your home offer both practical function as well as a way to enhance the visual appeal of the space. Replacing interior doors is often one of the most cost-effective upgrades you can make, and a new door can dramatically change the feel and aesthetic of a room.

At the Arizona Door Store, we stock a number of interior doors in a variety of styles. If you are looking for an easy and affordable renovation project, here are five different types of interior doors to consider.

Panel Doors

Flat panel doors feature clean lines and smooth surfaces, and often do very well in interior spaces that are more minimal and austere, but can complement any interior design style well. Panel doors allow a lot of flexibility and can often be custom-made for homeowners with specific dimensions and panel configurations in mind. Panel doors are also commonly sold unfinished, giving the more creatively inclined owner the ability to stain or paint the door as they see fit.

Raised panel doors are a slightly more ornate option, offering clean lines and simple designs that still fit well in traditional or mid-century homes. For those with existing design styles in their home, panel doors are some of the best types of interior doors that look great across a wide range of architectural styles.

French and Dutch Doors

While often seen as exterior doors, French doors and Dutch doors can add an elegant, timeless aesthetic to your interior spaces. Unlike double doors, French doors are typically inlaid with planes of glass, allowing interior spaces to receive a lot of natural light. French doors can be used to connect living areas or in spaces that would benefit from a greater influx of sunlight. In areas where privacy is less of a concern, French doors make for a compelling choice.

Like barn doors, the preference for farmhouse and Americana-inspired design makes Dutch doors a trendy and unique way to connect rooms or demarcate indoor and outdoor spaces. Designers have looked to put a contemporary twist on this timeless style, making it easier to utilize in more modern homes. The unique composition of a Dutch door as two pieces in a single frame can also make them a stylish replacement for baby or pet gates, keeping children or animals out of areas they shouldn’t be in without sacrificing the visual appeal of a room.

Pocket Doors

Pocket doors are a popular option in homes where space is at a premium or for rooms where the doors are rarely closed. Pocket doors work in a similar way to sliding doors but slide into an open space in the wall allowing them to disappear out of sight. Pocket doors work well in children’s rooms, closets or storage areas, allowing them to slide easily out of the way when not in use. In small apartments or tiny rooms, the space-saving nature of these doors often makes them a necessary upgrade.

Bi-fold and Accordion Doors

Like pocket doors, bi-fold and accordion doors are particularly well-suited for rooms that can benefit from saving space. These doors are designed to swing or fold back when opened, but do not disappear into the wall like pocket doors do. Their streamlined aesthetic makes them a popular addition to smaller, modern homes, and their folding nature allows sunlight and ventilation to enter the room. Commonly seen in pantries and bedroom closets, bi-fold and accordion doors are a chic way to save space. Their ease of operation and ability to be closed quietly make them a good option in rooms where sound disturbances are to be avoided.

Barn Doors

Barn doors have become a very trendy style of door fixture, giving a unique and attention-grabbing statement piece for interior rooms. Their solid wood construction and range of designs can be tailored to fit in more traditional or contemporary spaces. The exposed tracks of this door style are highly sought after, adding a stunning visual impact to interior spaces. While solid barn doors can be a costly option, their dramatic appearance and ability to enhance the flow of a space makes them increasingly popular.

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