4 Benefits of Replacing Interior Doors

If your interior rooms have begun to feel dated, or your doors no longer look or perform as well as they used to, something as simple as a door replacement project can go a long way in transforming the aesthetic and utility of a space. While new flooring or a fresh coat of paint are some of the most common ways homeowners can breathe new life into a room, an often-overlooked upgrade is replacing your interior doors.

Many homes today are often a hodgepodge of design styles or projects undertaken by previous tenants, as a prior owner may have upgraded the fixtures but not the flooring or had plans for a door or structural remodel that never materialized. Having a consistent and coherent design aesthetic can make a huge difference in making a space feel put-together and intentional, and if you are looking for your next remodel project, consider upgrading your interior doors. Beyond just looking great, replacing interior doors can make your home safer, cut down on your utility bill and add value.

At the Arizona Door Store, we are a local, family-owned company you can trust. We are committed to providing expert service and personalized selection to customers across Arizona, and our outstanding selection and expertly trained design consultants ensure that no matter your budget or timeline we can walk you through the entire process of any renovation or remodel. If you are considering upgrading the interior doors in your home, here are four benefits you will immediately see.

Design Upgrades

If your interiors feel tired or in need of a refresh, often a simple upgrade like a door replacement can go a long way in unifying and enhancing the aesthetic of a space. For older homes in particular, doors may not match the design of the room, or may be an incomplete or leftover remodel project from a previous owner. As design trends ebb and flow, what looked good ten years ago may not look as good today, and whether you want to spice up a more traditional space or you prefer a timeless style that better suits the age of the home, a door upgrade can be a compelling choice.

Safety and Security

Many homes include interior doors that leave a gap between the door and the floor, allowing for more noise and less privacy. Even if your doors are not visibly damaged, investing in a door replacement ensures you and your family will be safe and secure. Solid doors that are flush with flooring help block noise and add a layer of security and privacy that older, less-effective doors would find hard to replicate. For busy families or shared spaces with roommates, investing in new doors can make all the difference in ensuring valuables or important items aren’t disturbed.

Increases Value

When looking to upgrade their home to increase its property value, many homeowners will look to new flooring or wall treatments, but upgraded doors can also provide a significant investment boost when it comes time to sell. New doors can instantly upgrade the look and feel of a space, and for a new buyer, one less remodel project they would have to undertake is very enticing. While your home may be beautifully decorated and painstakingly updated in every other way, older doors can immediately detract from the cohesive feel of a room. While the level of value a door replacement provides varies, the enhanced look and functionality they offer is often well worth it.

Energy Efficient and Sustainable

Doors that don’t close or seal properly can cause significant increases in utility bills, especially for Arizona residents who rely on air-conditioning to keep their homes cool during the sweltering summer months. Even a small gap in a door can make it harder for your air-conditioning unit or heater to work properly, and the environmentally conscious or budget-minded homeowner would find a door replacement a great investment. Door upgrades also give owners the ability to customize and tailor the cooling and heating needs of their space – properly sealing doors can lock in cold air or be kept closed to provide other areas of the home with better airflow.

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